The Ministry is headquartered at Ardhi House in community. This is where all National Lands matters and other concerns are handled. The Ministry has digitized over 3 million land records and also maintains a library full of the filed paper records for reference. We have records dating back to 1900, over 100 years old records are securely stored in both digital and paper records. We provide the online portal for land owners and buyers to carryout transactions such as search, transfer of ownership etc.


In the executive order No.1/2018, the Ministry is charged with the following functions;

  1. National Lands Policy and Management
  2. Physical Planning and Land Use
  3. Land Transactions
  4. Survey and Mapping
  5. Land Adjudication
  6. Settlement Matters
  7. Rural Settlement Planning i.e. eco-village
  8. Land Registration
  9. National Spatial Infrastructure
  10. Land and Property Valuation Services Administration
  11. Administration of Public Land as Designated by the Constitution
  12. Land Information Systems
  13. Maintenance of a Public Land Bank


  1. Ensure accessibility, equity and sustainable management of land resource for socio-economic development
  2. Strengthen institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery
  • 2018 – Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning is retained
  • 2013 Ministry of Lands is merged with Housing and Urban Development
  • 2010 – New Constitution introduces community land management policy
  • 2000 – District Land registries are formed
  • 1970s – Land registries across the Country are established
  • 1903 – Survey of Kenya is established under the colonial government


“To be a globally competitive organization in sustainable land management”.


“To facilitate improvement of the livelihood of Kenyans through efficient land administration, equitable access, secure tenure and sustainable management of land resource”.


Strategic Plan

MOLPP Strategic Plan 2013 -17


Ms. Farida Karoney - Cabinet Secretary

Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning


Hon. Gideon Maitha Mung'aro - Chief Administrative Secretary

Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning,


Dr. Nicholas Muraguri - Principal Secretary

Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning,