Department Functions
i. Administration and Support Services
Overall policy direction and co-ordination of the Ministry’s functions

ii. Physical Planning
Provision of advisory and National Physical Planning services, general principles on land planning and coordination of planning by counties in terms of policies, standards and guidelines and technical assistance and capacity building for counties on Physical Planning matters

iii. Land Adjudication and Settlement

Ascertainment of land rights and interests, land consolidation and adjudication, Acquisition of agriculturally viable land for settlement of poor landless Kenyans, management of the Agricultural Settlement Fund, management of Group Ranches as well as Arbitration of Land disputes.

iv. Surveys

The official Government agency for land surveying and mapping. Its responsibilities include production, maintenance and distribution of accurate geographical data in form of various types of both analogue and digital maps in full range of scales.

v. Land Administration

Administration and management of private land, control and regulation of land use and property in respect of all categories of land and maintenance of land records.

vi. Land Valuation

Valuation of land and assets for stamp duty, Government leasing including foreign missions, asset valuation, rating and development of National Land Value Index.

vii. Land Registration

Registration of land transactions and other legal documents and determination of land and boundary disputes in collaboration with Surveys Department.

In addition, Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping is a training institute under the Ministry, which offer Diploma courses in surveying and mapping.

The agencies within the Ministry are Physical Planners Registration Board, Valuers Registration Board, Estates Agents Registration Board and Land Surveyors Board. The responsibility of these boards is to regulate the qualifications, registration and practice of the respective professionals in the land sector.