Land Registration Services

  1. Registration of documents: Transfers, Charges. Discharges, Succession, correction of names, mutations and partition, Power of attorney, Leases and Caution.
  2. Issuance of Land Titles for all categories of land registered under the various land registration statutes;
  3. Issuance of Land Titles Searches;
  4. Determination of land boundary disputes;
  5. Preparation of provisional and replacement titles;
  6. Preparation and issuance of Certificates of Incorporation
  7. Assessment and stamping of instruments with the requisite Stamp Duty
  8. Inspection and control of Duty Franking Machines;
  9. Processing conversion of Titles from one land statute to another.

Lands Administration Services

  1. Preparation and issuance of leases
  2. Change of User
  3. Processing and issuance of consents
  4. Advice to the Public

Lands Valuation Services

  1. Valuation for stamp duty purposes
  2. Assessment of Rent for government leasing
  3. Determination of Disputed Rent
  4. Valuation of Government owned properties on foreign mission
  5. Valuation for rating
  6. Valuation of fixed and loose assets for all government agencies
  7. Ground rent determination upon subdivision, lease extension and change of user

Survey Services

  1. Survey of general boundaries.
  2. Processing of mutations forms.
  3. Resolution of boundary disputes
  4. Rim amendment/deed plan preparation.
  5. Sale of maps and National atlas

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